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Software Manufacturing

Pattern-based Software Creation

Many software components can be created using manufacturing techniques. The software manufacturing paradigm can be applied wherever components follow patterns.

Expect these Benefits


Applying patterns to the production of software components often yields leverage better than 20:1 when compared with hand crafting components.


Optimize both implementation time and quality. Manufactured components follow coding rules, standards, and patterns with perfect precision.


Manufactured components match your conventions and implementation requirements, from a single point of control.


Automation processes create any number of components quickly, driven from small to very large models.

Your architecture, your rules, your components

No proprietary runtime

Using component manufacturing techniques, you get code that follows your rules, but faster than you ever imagined possible. The technology, language and platform choices belong to you.

We don't lock you in with dependencies on runtime mechanisms. We win your business by enabling fantastic productivity, and by providing excellent support.


Software Manufacturing Best Practices

Apply frameworks and component creation rules to achieve outstanding results.

Featured Products

FastTracks for Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails makes developing web applications fairly easy, but wait until you see application patterns applied to producing Rails components! Agile? You bet. Rapid? It doesn't get any faster than this.

From an object model to a functional web application in less than 60 seconds!

SNIP Code Pattern Engine

The SNIP Code Pattern Engine provides a high performance model compiler and an efficient template language for generating components.

SNIP is not only versatile... it is the fastest code generator on the planet!